Divorce Hearing Do’s and Don’ts

Unfortunately, it can often feel like going through a divorce means getting thrown directly into the deep end of the pool. While there’s a fair bit of advice out there for how to conduct yourself when meeting with your ex or with your lawyer, few pay attention to the importance of your actions during the actual divorce hearing. According to an Olathe Divorce Attorney at Sarah Carmody Law, there are some definite ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’.

The first, and possibly most important, thing to do at a divorce hearing is to show up. Don’t be late and don’t try to think that you can delay things but not being present. If there’s a legitimate problem, contact your Overland family law attorney early so that he or she can alert the court. The first impression you make in court is important, so be careful.

It’s also important to remain calm and professional. You may be asked questions that are upsetting, and things may not go your way, but don’t yell or act out. Above all else, do not act like the judge or any court personnel are your enemy, as this will set a bad tone for the hearing. Let your lawyer do the talking when possible and try to stick to any plans that you came up with before the hearing.

Do not try to lie or stretch the truth. The stories that you tell here will almost certainly be investigated and questioned, so the truth will be your friend. It’s also vital that you do show that you’re looking to place a great deal of value on moving on with your life rather than punishing your ex.

Always make sure to listen to your Olathe Divorce Attorney when you’re at a divorce hearing. While things can get emotional, you need to try to stay logical and calm. If you are going through a divorce or need help deciding what to do next, make sure to contact an Overland Family Law Attorney at Sarah Carmody Law.

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