Mediation For Family Law Disputes: The Right Choice For Many

Mediation can be an efficient and cost-effective way to resolve legal disputes. When choosing a mediator, you want someone who has experience with dispute resolution and with the law. Sarah Carmody is an experienced Kansas mediator who understands how to apply the law to assist parties in a variety of legal disputes.

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How does mediation work?

A mediator works with opposing parties to try and facilitate a compromise. A mediator will listen to each party individually to hear their concerns and proposals. After hearing from each party, they will work to find common ground on the opposing issues. A mediator may also provide their outside perspective to possibly help parties to reconsider or modify their respective positions on various issues.

How is mediation beneficial?

Mediation may have several benefits. This can include:

  • Less expensive than trial
  • More control over the potential outcome
  • Less formal setting than trial
  • Ability to speak freely about issues
  • Possibility of learning more about the issues in the case
  • Potential for faster resolution of the case

What types of issues may be mediated?

Any legal dispute may benefit from mediation. This can include divorce, child custody, and other family disputes. Mediation may be limited to only certain issues or can include the entire case.

How an attorney can help with mediation?

Legal disputes are complicated and subject to various laws, rules, and procedures, many of which are unknown to parties representing themselves. An attorney understands how the law and other issues factor into the case. They can also provide perspective about the possible outcome of certain issues if brought before a Court.

Attorney Sarah Carmody is an experienced Kansas mediator who is available to assist in resolving your disputes. Contact us to learn more.

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