Parent Relocation In Overland Park

Relocation with children requires modification of your child custody order preferably with the consent of the children’s other parent. Relocation means moving with your child to a different location, even if it is still within the Kansas City Metro area. Simply moving across the state line can require a modification. Kansas Law requires the relocating parent to provide notice to the other parent at least 30 days before the move.

Relocation by Consent

A harmonious atmosphere between the parents and a good relationship with each parent benefits your children. No hearing is necessary if the moving parent has the signed consent of the other parent. The court will approve the new agreement if all parties agree. The agreement must clearly specify how the children will travel from parent to parent. Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, can thoughtfully craft an agreed custody plan which satisfies both parents.

Relocation by Petition

Your time and money are better spent providing for your children. If parents don’t agree court action is required. Improper relocation can result in serious consequences. Call or text Sarah Carmody Law, LLC, at 913-257-3110 to discuss relocation with your children.

Shawnee Support Modification Attorney

In addition to relocation, other life events may make modifications necessary. Increases or decreases in income, changes in parenting time, and other life circumstances may also make it necessary to adjust child support, custody, and parenting time.

Serving Kansas City area communities, including Mission and Overland Park, Kansas, we help parents modify their existing parenting plans and support orders to reflect the realities of today’s life.

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