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The State of Kansas has specific laws individuals should consider when thinking about divorce. While it is easier to get divorced now than in past years, many clients are surprised to learn it takes more effort to leave a marriage than it does to enter one. We are currently accepting new clients. Please call or text (913) 257-3110 to schedule an initial consultation. Click here for more information on our new flat fee services for uncontested divorce cases.

Residency Requirements

Individuals who desire a divorce in Kansas must meet the residency requirements of the state. To do so, one spouse must be a Kansas resident for at least 60 days prior to the divorce filing.

Grounds For Filing

Kansas is a no-fault divorce state. No evidence of wrongdoing must be alleged or proven. It is only necessary to claim incompatibility with a spouse.

Filing A Petition

A divorce petitioner may file a Petition for Divorce with the district court in their county of residence. Once served, the respondent is given the opportunity to answer the petition or file a divorce counterclaim.

The district court requires 60 days to pass from the time of filing before it will hear a divorce case. The exception to this rule is when a judge sees fit to declare an emergency.

Professional Legal Help

A divorce is a complex matter and can cause a great deal of emotional distress. It is never easy negotiating a divorce settlement with a spouse whether children are involved or not. For this reason, it is not suggested that a divorce petitioner attempt to handle proceedings on their own. A lawyer who is familiar with the nuances of Kansas divorce law is needed.

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