Overland Park Paternity Lawyer

There is a different process when parents who have children together are not married. These matters are called “paternity” cases, even when there is no dispute over the identity of the child’s father. In order to exercise parental rights, it may be necessary to establish paternity. Whether a father is listed on a birth certificate or not, legal procedures are required to establish paternity and custodial rights.

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What does a paternity case entail?

You must file a Petition to Determine Parentage to establish paternity. A DNA test may or may not be required, depending on the circumstances of your individual matter. Many parents attempt to establish paternity but become overwhelmed or confused by the legal procedures. An attorney can prepare the necessary paperwork for you and represent you in the process.

If paternity can be established and ordered by a court, then you can pursue custody and visitation with the child.

What is the benefit of establishing paternity?

It is important for both parents to be in a child’s life. Establishing paternity supports this goal. Parental decisions regarding a child are highly protected by the law.

How can an attorney help?

An attorney can help you understand your rights and the paternity process. Attorneys, like Sarah Carmody, have the experience you need to assist with your paternity case.

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