How is Child Support Modified?

child supportA child support order has to be followed as soon as it’s made official; however, there are a number of reasons why a  child support could need to be modified.If the paying parent has recently experienced a change in wages, if insurance or child care changes, or if the parents have reached a new parenting time agreement, the order has to be adjusted accordingly. Olathe child support lawyers help parents submit their requests to the court for a judge to review and make a decision. When you hire Sarah Carmody Law LLC to assist with your case, we will represent your needs when approaching the court with this request.

Reasons for a Change in Child Support
There are a number of reasons why the amount paid each month for child support could be changed. Some of the most common reasons include:

-The paying parent has received an increase or decrease in income

– There has been a significant change in the cost of health insurance

– There has been a significant change in the cost of childcare

– Maintenance has terminated

– In certain states, such as Kansas, the child has moved to a different age group

While the reasons may vary, it is important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible as a delay may prevent a change in child support for several months. It is also important to remember that neither a verbal agreement or a non-legally binding written agreement is  sufficient enough to modify a child support payment.

How to Request a Modification
Olathe child support lawyers will prepare a formal request for the modification of a child support order. The request must specifically detail why the change is needed and provide evidence to support the claim. If certain information is missing the motion can be denied, which is why you should work with an attorney in this matter.

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