Non-Married Parents: What Issues Arise and How to Handle Them

When unmarried parents separate, they have a different set of challenges than parents who were married. When married parents divorce, custody and child support are included in the divorce decree. However there is no paperwork required when non-married parents separate. This can sometimes lead to difficulty between parents, especially for fathers. When a parent wishes to get parental rights, they will have to seek assistance from family court. An Olathe family law attorney can advise you of the steps you need to take as you prepare to request the court to intervene. The Sarah Carmody Law Office advocates for fathers’ rights in Kansas and helps parents in this situation to create arrangements so both parents have time with their child.

Issues That Arise for Non-Married Parents
Parents who never married, must file an action in court to establish a father-child relationship. This action will allow the parties to craft a parenting plan and to establish child support. As with any family, a parenting plan should be specific to that particular family, what works best for them and their schedule.

• Child custody. The first decision for parents is if they will share joint custody or if one parent will have sole custody. Courts favor joint custody, with the parents working with each other for the best interests of their child.

Parenting time. The second issue for parents is to determine each parent’s parenting time. This is when the child will be in that parent’s care. Emotions often run high when discussing a parenting plan and an advocate is often necessary. Sarah Carmody has been representing non-married parents for over a decade to negotiate the best parenting plan possible.

• Child support. Once custody is decided, child support will be set. There are often expectations for how much child support will be paid or will be received, however, in reality, the state sets guidelines for child support, which can typically not be negotiated away.


To avoid conflict between non-married parents, it is best to work with an attorney who can help with forming a parenting plan. If you need an attorney that advocates for fathers’ rights in Kansas, contact Sarah Carmody Law for more information.

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