Put Your Children First During Divorce or Custody

children custodyIf two people decide to divorce and there is a child involved, it is critical to put them first in the decisions that are made, especially the ones that involve their living arrangements. When a couple separates, emotions can cloud their judgment and decisions can be made based on feeling instead of logic. If a child is considered as top priority in these instances, the choices are likely to be more thorough and reflective of the child’s best interest. If you are unsure how to go about this, a family law firm in Overland Park KS can help in this matter. There are many aspects involved in a divorce and Shawnee divorce lawyers can guide you through each step so that you create the most fulfilling arrangement for your child as possible.

Child Custody
At Sarah Carmody Law, we know that one of the main parts of a divorce that directly impacts a child is the  parenting plan. As a parent, it is most beneficial for your child when you are honest about the best living arrangement for your child, even if it isn’t with you. The lawyers at Sarah Carmody Law believe the best plan for a child revolves around consistency.  A parenting plan also determines the child’s time with each parent during holidays. It is important to remember family traditions, but also realize that new family traditions will emerge. Shawnee attorney, Sarah Carmody, can guide you through these tough decisions.
Additional Divorce Components
Aside from custody, the remaining parts of a divorce still have an impact on the child’s life. This is important to keep in mind when making choices about which party will get certain assets and who will pay child support. A family law firm in Olathe KS can also help you through these steps so that your child’s well-being is always top of mind.

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