Relocating for a Job? What That Means for Your Child Custody Agreement.

relocating job,child custody agreementA job relocation may create difficulties with maintaining a child custody agreement. Relocation often creates a situation where the existing parenting plan is no longer feasible due to the distance between the parents. When a job requires relocation, it may be necessary to seek modification of a child custody order. The Overland Park Kansas child custody attorneys from Sarah Carmody Law can provide assistance with modification needs.

How does a relocation work?
Relocation of the residential parent is often the most difficult and contentious type of modification. In both Kansas and Missouri, there are specific statutory steps that must be followed. If the statute is not followed correctly, the party wishing to relocate may find themselves in contempt of court.  The first step any parent seeking to relocate should take is to contact an attorney immediately. Do not wait until the last minute to attempt a relocation.

It is important to understand that the family court cannot and does not restrict the relocation of a parent, but can restrict the relocation of the minor child, based on a variety of factors. This can lead to difficult decisions on the part of both parents. As with all custody matters, it is extremely important to not involved your children in these decisions, perhaps even more so with relocation. For the sake of your child, do not get their hopes up about moving or no moving as this can be a very confusing time with many strong emotions.   


How can an attorney help?
Modification of a custody order when a parent relocates can create unique issues. Parenting time, transportation, costs, and many other aspects of a parenting plan will likely need modification. It can be akin to starting over from the beginning. A parenting plan must be written in such a way as to ensure there are no ambiguities. Any foreseeable issues should be addressed so as to avoid issues in the future.

An attorney can help you build and present your case for modification in an efficient and effective manner. By working with experienced Olathe Kansas child custody attorneys, you will understand your options and the possible outcomes of the case.

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