What is a Post-Nup and How Can I Get One?

prenuptial agreementEveryone has, no doubt, heard of prenuptial agreements. However, did you know you can enter into a similar arrangement after you are married?  Similar to a prenuptial agreement, where the parties prepare legal documents prior to marriage, a postnuptial agreement consists of legally binding agreements entered into after the marriage. If you are considering one, there are certain things you must know.

There are several reasons why a married couple might consider a postnuptial agreement, such as:

  • Parties who are contemplating a future legal separation
  • To ensure that children from prior relationships are able to inherit certain assets
  • To protect one spouse from the responsibility of insurmountable debt incurred by the other after the marriage
  • To more clearly define each spouse’s wishes regarding any assets that were brought into the marriageIn addition to property division and the division of assets after a divorce, a postnuptial agreement can also include provisions regarding spousal support. As with a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement cannot include provisions regarding child custody or child support. If a postnuptial agreement includes these types of provisions, those provisions do not have to be honored by a Court in the future.If you are looking to have a postnuptial agreement made for your marriage and live in Kansas, you can turn to Sarah Carmody Law to speak with Overland Park Kansas family attorneys. Contact Sarah Carmody Law at 913-257-3110 to discuss your wishes for a postnup with Overland Park Kansas family attorneys at your earliest convenience.

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