Why Consider Mediation During Divorce?

mediation during divorceGoing through a divorce is never easy. It involves a myriad of emotions, time and money. If you have children, a divorce can take its toll on them as well. However, mediation is a good option that can make things easier for everyone. It’s important to know why this is the best alternative.


Benefits of Mediation Instead of Traditional Divorce

There are numerous benefits a divorcing couple can reap when choosing mediation over a traditional divorce. They include the following:

• It is cheaper than a court trial or hearings
• It is easier to reach a settlement of all the issues pertaining to your divorce
• It is confidential and nothing gets put on public record
• You can come to a peaceful resolution of all issues based on what is fair to both parties
• You can still retain a lawyer for legal advice
• You and your soon-to-be former spouse have more control
• It can help to improve the communication between you and your ex, which can help you avoid conflicts in the future


What Happens During the Mediation Process?

When you go through mediation for your divorce, you meet with a mediator, a neutral party who is trained to help you resolve all of your issues. The process starts with a phone call in which you inform the mediator about your marriage, family and any issues present. Some mediators choose to have all parties meet in person to provide information.

Once you meet, the mediator explains what will happen and what both parties can gain. The mediation may occur in one place and in one or more sessions. The mediator may also have you sign an agreement to keep everything confidential during the sessions.

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