Why We Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Before getting married, you may want to consider having a prenuptial agreement prepared. As the outcome of a relationship is always unknown, it is important that you protect yourself and your assets. A prenuptial agreement can benefit both of the prospective spouses and can help prevent issues from arising in the future. An Overland Park Divorce Lawyer from Sarah Carmody Law can help answer questions related to prenuptial agreements and can help prepare the necessary documents.

What can be addressed in a prenuptial agreement?
A prenuptial agreement can include terms involving a variety of issues. This may include:

Disclosure of assets and debts

Preservation of certain assets as one spouse’s sole property

How certain property and debt is to be addressed in the event of divorce or separation

Spousal support agreements

Ownership of business interests

To determine exactly what can be included in a prenuptial agreement, you should consult with a Shawnee Family Law Attorney.

How can a Shawnee Family Law Attorney help with a prenuptial agreement?
An Overland Park Divorce Lawyer can assess your situation and concerns to provide advice about whether a prenuptial agreement would be recommended and what to include in the agreement.

Prenuptial agreements must comply with certain legal requirements, so it is important that you work with an attorney who understands the law and can help ensure that issues do not arise. By having a complete and legal prenuptial agreement, you will avoid issues in the future if it needs to be enforced.

At Sarah Carmody Law, we are experienced in preparing prenuptial agreements that are personalized to our client’s specific needs. We strive to help our clients develop comprehensive agreements that are in compliance with the law. For help with prenuptial agreements, contact us to schedule a consultation appointment.

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